Aspen, Colorado based wedding, portrait, editorial and commercial photographers Gregg and Cath are an experienced professional husband and wife photography team documenting the most cherished life moments of their clients, creating unique imagery that is a reflection of their personality.

Gregg and Cath professional photographers for twenty plus years travel extensively with their work being published worldwide in advertising and corporate campaigns, tourism and national magazine covers. A diverse and dynamic husband and wife duo who effortlessly capture the human spirit through captivating and creative approaches.

Many years together have honed their versatility and insight delivering artistry that exudes expression, vitality and life's wonder. They continually develop and evolve with new shooting styles while understanding the reverence of tradition. “Our goal centers around creating dynamic imagery that oozes with its own character and vitality.”

Highly skilled and seasoned professionals, they continue to enjoy imaging weddings, portraits, events, commercial, editorial, active lifestyle and portrait photography.

They have also created and designed unique photography workshops for kids as a creative means for them to express, share a vision, connect with their natural world and give back to the community.

Professional photographer associations and membership includes:
American Society of Media Photographers - A trade association of professional publication photographers.
Professional Photographers of America - association for professional photographers

Refreshingly fun, dedicated, relaxed and artistic,
Gregg & Cath

Aspen, Colorado Photographers - weddings, events, engagements, portraits, editorial, commercial and advertising.